Mission and Organizational Goals

Dryden GM Ice Dogs’ Mission Statement 2021/22

I have never been more excited for a hockey season as I am for this one.  The pandemic forced us to really re-evaluate our priorities and hockey was one of the things that we were made to lay aside.  Now we are in a position where we can bounce right back from where we’ve been and unite behind our game, our town, and our team.

Dryden will need to support the team, like it always has, and together we will ensure that Junior A Hockey is celebrated once more in its Northwestern Ontario birth place.

With the support of our sponsors, and fans, our goal this year is to be a community catalyst for the path forward.  To once again provide live entertainment for Dryden, and of course, to win a championship in this 20th season, like we did in the first.

The Board of Governors of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs always views the task at hand as being about more than just hockey.  This year is no exception, and perhaps the most important year yet.  It is our 20th season, and the league’s 20th season.   

We have been here since the start, and now, coming out of the pandemic, we are still here and ready to lead the way back to normal.

See you at the Dog Pound.

Mike Sveinson
Dryden GM Ice Dogs

Dryden GM Ice Dogs’ Organizational Goals

Our mission will be accomplished through the following organizational goals:

  • Lead the way back to normal for the community of Dryden.
  • Run both of our charity games and return to giving back to the community of Dryden.
  • Support opportunities for our organization to give back through community engagements.
  • Focus on the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
  • Win the Dudley-Hewitt Cup.